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About TéAmore

TéAmore was born out of ambition to change how fuller busted women experience lingerie by bringing aesthetic-driven and superbly tailored collections to women who found themselves marginalized by the traditional luxury lingerie size offerings.


Exploring the dichotomy of flaunting and concealing, our flattering cuts stand on their own as ready-to-wear pieces, while superb fit ensures they’re a solid foundation to your wardrobe. 


So whether you feel like making a statement in a revealing combination or are seeking to elevate your every day basics, TéAmore strives to give you the ultimate control to express sensuality in your own way and inspire pleasure everywhere you go. 

About Us: About Us

From Our Founder

Feeling repeatedly disappointed by the limited selection of garments in my size that always left something to be desired, for over a decade I’ve dreamt of creating a large cup lingerie label for fuller-busted women like myself who seek pieces with visual appeal that feel modern, delicate and on par with the rest of their style. 


Despite having no fashion design background, my need to help women transform how they see their bodies with lingerie that instead of confining them, helped them imagine the possibilities led me to leave my engineering career in 2017 and dedicate all of my creative energy to solving this very intimate struggle I knew so many women faced.


I gathered a small, female-run team of passionate lingerie experts that helped my vision come to life. Throughout the collection development process, we've fitted TéAmore pieces on women of all ages and walks of life. I witnessed an incredible transformation in their self esteem when they saw their bodies in the garments that understood them and showcased them in their best light. 


The capsule collection you see today is much more than a collection of beautiful undergarments. It’s a tool with the power to help the grossly underserved woman in the D+ cup size range finally see her curves as an asset rather than a limitation. 


This woman craving to express her sensuality and longing to unlock her potential is at a heart of every TéAmore collection. 

It’s her time to feel extraordinary.

Téa York

About Us: About Us
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